Terry Nicholas started writing insurance for Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Nodaway County in 1976. He was elected board member and agent by the policy holders at the company’s annual meeting in April 1976.

Terry has been with the company for over 37 years. He is licensed to write insurance in Iowa and Missouri and can provide coverage for all your auto, farm, home, crop, and business needs including the following:

Property & Casualty; Business & Commercial; Muti-Peril Crop; Livestock Risk Protection; Liability; Automobile; Crop Hail; and Livestock Gross Margin

The Nicholas family reside on a farm three miles west of Burlington Junction, Missouri.

Terry Nicholas


Office Phone: 660-725-4436

Fax: 660-725-4450

Location: Burlinton Junction, Missouri

Email: tnichol@iamotelephone.com