The policy information given on this page is a summary containing basic information of liability policy forms offered by Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Nodaway County. These details are not exhaustive or comprehensive. Please consult your individual policy documents for a complete description of your coverage types, levels, and policy conditions. 

Liability Coverage Types

The form GL-1 covers your own personal liability. It includes two coverage types, Coverage L and Coverage M. Coverage L covers bodily injury and property damage against others if you are found negligent. You are also covered if someone is injured as a result of your property’s condition, or if a domestic employee or your pet causes the injury or property damage. Coverage M covers medical payments to other parties who are undergoing treatment as a result of being injured on your property or by your actions. You do not have to be negligent for a claim to be made under Coverage M. Liability coverage extends to any property you own, not only your primary residence. There are a variety of coverage levels available to purchase on a GL-1, but there is no set minimum level of liability coverage that must be carried.

The form GL-2 is similar to form GL-1 in that it covers personal liability with Coverage L and medical payments to others with Coverage M. However, it expands liability protections to include farming operations, farm employees, and protections on property which is primarily used for farming operations. There are a variety of coverage levels available for purchase, but there is no minimum level of liability that must be carried with a GL-2.

The form GL-600 is tailored to rental property owners. The coverage types on a GL-600 have some differences from the coverage types on a form GL-1 or GL-2:

  • Coverage L: Covers damages where an insured is legally liable to pay damages from bodily injury or property damage as a result of the ownership, maintenance, or use of the insured premises or any operations that are necessary or incidental to the insured premises. The major difference between Coverage L on this form and other liability forms is that protection only extends to the specific premise listed on the policy, and damages must involve conditions of or being on that specific premise.
  • Coverage M: Covers medical payments to others as a result of bodily injury from an accident on the insured’s premise. The major differences between Coverage M on this form and other liability forms is that only medical payments involving accidents on the specific property listed are covered. In addition, medical expenses must be incurred and report within one year of the accident, instead of the typical three years on other liability forms.
  • Coverage O: Coverage O is unique to commercial liability policies. It is a fire legal liability coverage that exists to protect your liability whenever you rent an insured premise from another party. This coverage pays for property damages due to a fire for which you are legally found liable for on a premise that is rented or loaned to you from another party. 
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