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Liability Coverage

We offer personal, farm, and commercial liability coverage to help keep your legal liability protected in case of an accident. Our liability coverage includes Coverage L and Coverage M. Coverage L helps to cover costs in court for bodily injury or property damage, while Coverage M helps to pay an injured party’s medical costs. Liability coverage must be written with a dwelling or farm policy. There is no stand-alone liability coverage option available. There is no minimum level of liability that must be carried, but your agent may have suggestions for coverage levels based on the risks at your property. Here is some information about each type of liability that can be attached to a policy:

  • Personal liability: Personal liability is most often written with residential houses to protect a homeowner’s personal liability. Coverage L for personal liability is used when you are found to be negligent and it results in an injury or damage to another person’s property. It also covers damage caused by domestic employees, or if your pet causes injury or property damage. Coverage M will pay for medical costs for a person injured on your property or by your actions, even if you are not found to be negligent. Personal liability coverage can extend away from your home as well, such as to a vacation home or seasonal condo. 
  • Farm liability: Farm liability offers the same protections as personal liability coverage, except that it is expanded to cover farming operations, farm employees, and protecting the property you use for farm operations. This coverage can extend to other locations besides your primary farm, so if you have farm ground in multiple areas, all of your acreage can be covered under one farm liability policy.
  • Commercial liability: Commercial liability is tailored towards rental property owners who need liability coverage for their properties. There are a few differences between commercial liability and personal or farm liability. Under Coverage L of commercial liability, damages are covered when when an insured is legally liable for bodily injury or property damage due to the ownership, maintenance, or use of the insured premises or operations that are necessary or incidental to the insured premise. Coverage L in commercial liability also only extends to the specific premises listed on the policy, and damage must involve the conditions of or being on that specific premise. Coverage M in commercial liability only covers accidents on the specific property mentioned in the policy, and medical expenses that are incurred must be reported within one year of the accident instead of three years. 

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The policy information given on this page is a summary containing basic information of liability policy forms offered by Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Nodaway County. These details are not exhaustive or comprehensive. Please consult your individual policy documents for a complete description of your coverage types, levels, and policy conditions. 

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