About Us

Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Nodaway County was organized on May 12, 1891 in Burlington Junction, Missouri. On June 1 2005, Farmers Mutual Insurance Company purchased the property at 311 E Summit Drive in Maryville, Missouri and moved in on June 10, 2005. Farmers Mutual of Nodaway County operates under the direction of a board of six directors who meet once a month to discuss company performance, financial health, and policy recommendations and changes.

Our Agents

Currently we have 18 agencies writing business throughout the state of Missouri. While our agents may have home territories in and around the towns they are located in, each agency is able to write business anywhere in the state.

Our agents and office staff regularly attend meetings sponsored by the Missouri Association of Mutual Companies to receive continuing education hours. These continuing education classes help ensure our agents and staff are knowledgeable and updated on Missouri state insurance laws and trends in order to provide the best service possible to policyholders.

Annual Meeting

We are a policyholder owned company, and our annual meeting is open to policyholders to attend. Our annual meeting is the second Saturday in April of each year at a location designated by the Board of Directors.

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