Our Staff

The staff at our home office help support our agents and policyholders. They keep the day to day operations going by taking care of billing, payments, policy changes, underwriting, answering policyholder and agent questions, and performing many more tasks that help keep the company running smoothly. Our staff strive to provide policyholders and agents with the best support possible, and they are always happy to assist you and answer your questions. Get to know our office staff members and how they benefit the company below:

Sarah Schmitz

Administrative Assistant & Underwriter

Sarah joined Farmers Mutual of Nodaway County in 2019. She is responsible for many of the processes that help keep the office running smoothly. Sarah helps policyholders who come into the office, as well as those who call over the phone. She assists agents with questions that they may have, and helps make changes to policies. In addition to assisting agents and policyholders, Sarah also applies payments that are received and prepares bills that are sent out to policyholders. 

Natalie Bade


Natalie began working at Farmers Mutual of Nodaway County in 2014. She is the primary contact for all things involving claims. Natalie helps initiate claims for policyholders, works with adjusters during the claims process, and helps answer any questions or concerns for policyholders during the claims process. She also helps process and issue claims payments. In addition to working with claims, Natalie serves as our underwriter for new business policies. She assesses new policies for proper risks, issues the policies when they are ready, and makes sure all proper documents and rates are chosen to provide the best coverage for our policyholders. 

Shelly Marriott

Office Manager

Shelly has been with Farmers Mutual of Nodaway County since 2002. As Office Manager, Shelly has a variety of roles that are critical in making sure policyholders have the best coverage possible. Shelly processes billing reports, underwrites property inspections, assists agents with policy coverage questions, and applies changes to policies. She is also responsible for helping to update policy rates and insurance forms yearly, which helps ensure that our policyholders have the best available coverage at affordable rates. 

Pam Spire

Company Manager

Pam joined Farmers Mutual of Nodaway County in 2010. As Company Manger, she is responsible for helping keep the company in good financial health. Pam conducts business analysis and investment management activities to make sure that the company has well-placed investments to encourage financial stability. She is also responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with each of our independent agencies, and she is also the company’s liaison to our reinsurance partner, Grinnell Mutual. In addition to helping maintain the company’s financial health and working with our partners, Pam helps manage and pay out claims. Pam also serves on the board of the Missouri Association of Mutual Insurance Companies.  

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